MCE Tokens ICO conditions

ICO starts on September 20, 2018 00:00 GMT+2 and will be closed in 2 months, or after the complete sale of 300,000,000 MCE tokens.

You can buy MCE tokens for ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, TRX, BCH, or in any other way convenient for you.

All ICO participants take part in the bonus program, by purchasing MCE tokens they receive a bonus up to 50%.

And also registered users can take part in the referral program and get a 10% bonus from the purchases of their invited friends.

I confirm that I have read, understood and accept the contents of the MCE whitepaper, including Risk Disclosure, received all the information I need about MCE tokens’ functions, provided benefits and limitations and have made my own educated judgment about the project’s future and all the risks associated with such start-up development, including my ability to use token as was described in the MCE token Whitepaper. By participating in the MCE token ICO I confirm that I understood that MCE token is security and provide sort of passive income to the token holder, also providing discounts on the project’s services. I also understood that this token has no buyback option and all transactions during the ICO are final and irrevocable.

How to get MCE tokens from your Ethereum address?

Confirm terms and conditions and after push the button below, address of our ICO Smart Contract will be shown. Do not use any other addresses from any other sources or you may get phished. If you transfer funds using your account on another exchange, or any other service except your own wallet, your tokens will be lost because immediately after their receipt they will be sent to the same address from which we received ETH, and exchanges and services will not credit your account with these tokens. Warning!

It is very important to enter YOUR OWN wallet address from which you are going to send ETH and buy MCE tokens. Do not transfer funds from your Exchange account or any other service other than YOUR personal wallet, otherwise tokens will be lost!!!

How to get MCE tokens with Bitcoin or others currency?

To do this, you need to contact our manager by e-mail or Telegram

Token price during the ICO is 0.0004 ETH per 1 MCE or 2,500 MCE per 1 ETH

Buy the MCE tokens from September 20 to October 3 receive a 50% bonus,

from October 4 to October 17 bonus of 40%,

from October 18 to October 31 bonus 30%,

from November 1 to November 14 bonus of 20%,

from November 15 to November 20 bonus 10%.

The maximum token supply available for the distribution during the ICO is 300,000,000 MCE.

Total amount of the MCE tokens is 500,000,000 MCE.

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Contract address 0x97ff1cb53f5929b49395cd01cc1080e6c2bff487